service platform

Achieving Common
Development and Promoting
Common Prosperity

R&F and Infinity Group – an Isreali investment group – agreed to collaborate on a range of technological innovations aimed at supporting common development and prosperity. The cooperation will include the sharing and integration of capital, information, industries, culture, technology, ancillary services and enterprises in China. Townships and industrial parks will become service platforms, entrepreneurship bases and entertainment zones, facilitating development and boosting technical progress, industrial transformation, and the construction of innovative cities.


R&F Sino-Israeli
Innovation Centre

必威精装版下载 R&F and Infinity have established the “R&F International Innovation Centre” in Beijing, China and Tel Aviv, Israel. Their goal is to introduce innovative technologies and capital investments, including joint office, incubator, accelerator, education, training and other functions, to provide a one-stop solution for Sino-Israeli multi-level cooperation.

R&F Scientific

The Sino-Israeli Scientific Town features integrated advanced technology industrial clusters, multi-city linked innovation centres, world-class business summits, eco-intelligent talent homes, and youth innovation facilities.

Qingyuan R&F Sino - Israeli Scientific Town

必威精装版下载In June 2018, the first batch of Sino - Israeli innovation enterprises was stationed in Qingyuan R&F Sino - Israeli Scientific Town. The town mainly focuses on intelligent manufacturing and biotechnology.

Cooperation with CEC Optics

R&F and CEC Optics Valley Joint Holding Co., Ltd. conduct cooperation in city-industry integration project, covering construction of innovation incubation platform, regional energy operation platform, intelligent park and others. Emphases of layout on biomedical, electronic information, intelligent manufacturing and military-civilian integration.

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